Founder of ANTOSTOKIO, Rafal Antos, has lived all over the world, Switzerland, London, Los Angeles, Warsaw, Hong Kong and currently Tokyo, and along the way he has immersed himself in global streetwear, culture and design. All that he has gathered he has poured into a new range of handcrafted unisex pieces which blend heritage and innovation.

Fabric is the starting point with pieces characterized by the use of dynamic prints, euphoric colors, striking shapes and an elevated level of detailing and finishing. A sporty ease is supercharged with bold graphic statements. Kinbaku, the art of rope tying, furnishes bombers jackets with precious adornment, digital prints which reimagine everyday items such as traffic cones in vibrantly pigmented silk lift the wearer out of the ordinary, while wool suiting in softened silhouettes possesses gentle poetry.

Reflecting the founder’s experience working as a designer for European luxury houses, ANTOSTOKIO combines the rituals of craft, the latest digital technology, and an edgy-cool aesthetic. Designed to appeal to the independent spirit, ANTOSTOKIO is part of a fashion movement that respects tradition, process and a slower pace of making clothes that stand the test of time.

ANTOSTOKIO sources and manufactures solely in Japan.